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HTU Assessors also do housing reports and valuations.


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Welcome to HTU Assessors

HTU Assessors is an independent firm of Motor Engineers specialising in all matters relating to motor vehicles that are involved in road traffic accidents. HTU Assessors have been established since 2009.

Our engineers have years of experience and do provide clear reports with colour photos of vehicle damage.

We have highly experienced staff that is always available to meet your needs.

HTU Assessors specialise in inspecting accidental damaged vehicles

HTU Assessors has established a nationwide network of engineers that can provide a full UK engineering coverage
HTU Assessors have engineers who can provide you with a detailed report and colour photographs of the vehicle
HTU Assessors have a turnaround time 48hrs to send you the report with colour photos 


We have years of experience


We get results FAST


Available to meet your needs


Clear reports and images